Brazilian Roulette (Brazil day 3)

Thursday is a fairly chilled day on the farm. With the packing facility being expertly run by Willi’s team, there are few issues and concerns in respect to the quality being packed and the level of attention given to the process. What Willi says, Willi does, sleep easy.

A frustrating four hours are spent trying to arrange an internal flight between Petrolina and Fortaleza. The flight is available, however, the internet is slow, the payment terms are Brazilian and the traveller has a British Visa card. Eventually, after a few long drawn out frustrating moments, and numerous Portuguese telephone calls, the problem is attributed to a faulty website and payment’s to be made at the airport instead.

A night drive in Brazil can become a minor Russian Roulette quite quickly. If it’s not the crazy drivers on the road, then it’s the diverse range of livestock that is insistent that the dry vegetation is not as dry on the OTHER side of the road.

Add a short sighted driver to the equation of fun and you have a highly adventurous three and a half hour ride back to the hotel. The cherry on top of the wobbly mango cake came later when lunch decided under no uncertain terms to disagree with my fair constitution in every possible way. I have come to the conclusion that the reason why God gives us sickness is to make us grateful for good health.

That evening I was under no illusions as to the ungratefulness of health.

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