Welcome to the newly revamped blog. The old “Ramble from Mpondondo” had its time and has now been put out to pasture.

Blogging and journalling about topics and experiences that have made an impact on life and life’s views.  

The beauty of travelling is one realises how small your world and culture is once discovering how differently it is perceived, experienced and appreciated elsewhere.

Bainesii is the old scientific name for my favourite plant. (here, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aloe_barberae for more info)

This blog was originally about travel and the world as a whole with a more recent transformation to reflect a more personal and emotional experience of life as it presents itself.

Hopefully with more pictures this time, which tend to find their way onto the Instagram feed along side.

If you wish, leave a message, and come visit and see when something new inspires.

Love and peace.





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